Golene Foce Secchia Park

“Drainage systems, syphons, embankments and meanders: the river’s strength and man’s cleverness”

The Golene Foce Secchia Park (a Supra-municipal interest local Park) encloses the final section of the Secchia river, from the border with Emilia until it meets the Po. Here, the Apennine tributary winds along between high embankments which delineate floodplains significantly smaller than those of the Great Po River.

Set up in 2005, the Park covers an area of around 1,200 hectares, including territory from the municipalities of Quistello, Quingentole, San Benedetto Po and Moglia, and encloses agricultural systems and natural river environments, connected by a wide network of inter-farm roads which fan out from the main embankments.

Even more so than for the agricultural and natural areas, the wilderness area is characterised by territorial geomorphology dominated by tight meanders of the river and major hydraulic systems, testimony of the thousand-year-long work by the people of the Mantuan Oltrepò to manage the waters. In this regard, the facilities of Mondine and San Siro, as well as the syphon with which the Mantua-Reggio Emilia Agro canal passes under the Secchia, delivering its own water into the Po at the Moglia di Sermide drainage plant, in the Golenale del Gruccione Park, are of notable interest.

The Park is particularly suitable for cycling for young people and others thanks to the 30 km circular panoramic path which runs along the top of the embankment, alongside significant historical, artistic and hydraulic sights (Polirone Abbey, Pieve matildica di San Fiorentino church and Gorni Museum of Nuvolato, the Bondanello drainage system, the San Prospero syphon , etc.) and connects to the wilderness areas of the Mantuan Oltrepò Parks System via the Parks Cycle Route.
The Secchia cycle ring is also part of the EuroVelo 7 (North Cape – Malta), Ciclovia del Sole (Verona – Florence) and Oltrepò Mantovano cycling itineraries No.1, No.3, No.4 and No.8.


Managing institution: Agreement between the municipalities of Moglia, Quingentole, Quistello and San Benedetto Po and the Consorzi di Bonifica dell’Emilia Centrale and Terre dei Gonzaga in Destra Po organisations

Established in: 2005

Area: 1,177 hectares
Protection status: Local Park of Supra-municipal interest

Municipality of Quistello T 0376 627201/52

Web site: www.parcofocesecchia.it

E-mail: info@parcofocesecchia.it

Golene Foce Secchia Park

You can enjoy the following surprising experiences in the Golene Foce Secchia Park

Parco Golene Foce Secchia
  1. Admire the imposing hydraulic works created during the great drainage of the early twentieth century.
  2. Discover the tight meanders, the small flood plains, the little willow groves and imposing embankments of a river which is very different from the Po, but equally well loved and feared.
  3. See the “bugno” del Conte

Golene Foce Secchia Park

What happens in the park through the seasons?

  • The rains swell the canals and the Secchia River rises suddenly and impetuously
  • Leaves appear on the willows along the river banks
  • Herons fish along the banks of canals
  • The Montagu’s harrier glides endlessly over the fields
  • The rains swell the canals and the Secchia River rises suddenly and impetuously
  • The willows by the banks lose their leaves
  • Amphibians, reptiles and small mammals retreat to sheltered spots where they will spend the winter
  • The low river almost disappears in the riverbed while the canals are in full flow for the irrigation season
  • You can smell the scents of the countryside rising up to the embankments
  • The surprisingly powerful song of the river nightingale and blackbird can be heard alongside the hammering of the red woodpecker and the “laughing” call of the green woodpecker
  • You can hear the call of tree frogs heralding a coming storm
  • The low river almost disappears in the riverbed, the canals are almost empty and the ploughed fields lie dormant
  • The buzzards glide lazily in the sky and the kestrel hovers above its prey
  • The wing flapping of hundreds of flying wood pigeons echoes in the sky
  • The melancholy croaking of the Carrion crow can be heard in the distance
Parco Golene Foce Secchia